Buyers to Read


Many of our contacts are big suppliers, provide quality products and guarantee the volume once the contract is signed, and strictly work by monthly plan to allocate the product volume for next month. To reduce the communication time, please see the following procedure:

  1. read all terms and condition carefully (leave the price to the last), email to if you have any queries.
    send your inquires with all details such as product code, specification, accepted price range.

  2. regular visit our website to view the updated information and prices of products (you only have less then a week time to make decision for the hot sale products).

  3. price: our prices are very competitive in the market, as we work directly with the suppliers and manufacturers without any middle parties.

  4. signing draft contract - you can only secure the products you are looking for by paying deposit or open 100% transferable L/C at sight.

Etradealliance provides services and trade with our customers based on Integrity, Credibility, Fair and Equal. We require the new partners and suppliers to provide certain documentation (such as previous bill of lading, list of the products with detail specification and grade, etc) without sensitive information (to show that you are a serious Buyer). We treat you as VIP and answer your queries with detail information if you show us your seriousness.

We and our partners work out our monthly plan for long term customers base on your inquires, you are required to provide details if you wish to become our long term Customer. To help us to provide a quotation with accurate prices, and reduce the communication time, please read the following information carefully and advise detail information when sending your inquire:

  1. You should hold the import permit (if required) to the destination country

  2. Name of the products

  3. Detail description and requirement

  4. Images of the materials (if you have some)

  5. Specification of the products

  6. Prices range (give a reasonable offer to help us to find the right supplier)

  7. Quantity (large quantity might receive a better price)

  8. Port of destination

  9. Indication of starting order time

  10. Performance contract period

  11. Basic Contract requirement

All above information would help us to provide you a quotation with more accurate price.
Etradealliance supply products, provide the relate documentation for export, and arrange Shipping & Delivery. The buyers should obtain all relate documentation (such as import permit) and handle the import processing at destination port.