China Direct


Etradealliance and our strategic partners started China Direct operation since 2005, purchasing products directly from the manufacturers, consolidate to our associated warehouses, arrange shipping to Australian sea ports.

Most of the logistics companies could provide limited services, such as consolidation, LCL, FCL with normal costs, and direct services to multi receivers with higher expenses.

After years of hard working, Etradealliance and our strategic partners have built a great network in China and Australia, to provide one stop services with much lower costs and effective time limit.

Etradealliance Now can offer China Direct services for the following areas:

  1. Drop Ship Direct, sea freight is not suitable for higher value products, we may arrange Air and Express direct services to delivery the products to multi address in Australia.

  2. LCL Direct services, eg, you may order one set of dinning table and chairs direct from the manufacturers, we delivery to your appointed address in Australia.

  3. FCL Direct services, we consolidate cargo from multi manufacturers to our associated warehouse in China, ship to Australian sea ports, unpack and delivery to multi address.

  4. Warehousing: no more heavy burden for warehouse, we may help you to reduce huge warehousing costs, pay as you need, no costs if no stock in the off peak seasons.

  5. Increasing Products Range: now you may buy and sell higher value products by using our China Direct services, purchasing small quantity of high value products, storage in our associated warehouse, we will use express services to deliver to your customers once receive your instruction.