Suppliers to read


Etradealliance is looking to establish cooperation with business firms from all industries of worldwide. We have Large Business Database of worldwide, there a large number of buying inquires submitted to us every day, and may promote East-West economic cooperation at a certain scope with your support.

The customers buying from the following channel and always looking for new products:

  • All suppliers please complete the online Seller Form to enable us to inform you for any new Buying Leads in the future.

  • To become one of our suppliers, please download, complete the following form with 50 or more of your top sale products: supplier_products_form.xls

  • Our website contains information of worldwide business and cultural,  we are seeking suppliers to become long term partners in the future, work together to increase the winning chances to all inquires from the  potential customers.

Our goals: by sharing and relocating the resources of all our partners, to increase the power of winning the potential projects which can not be completed alone by any one of us.

The difference between us and the other B2B websites are:

  • most of the B2B websites are online platform, charge membership fees, but not involve the business.

  • AWIE provides the B2B online platform, analyse the information submitted by the potential buyers and suppliers, act as a trading media, and assist the successful of the contracts.

You may be offered a long term supply contract if you meet the following conditions:

  • a current legal registered business: being a manufacturer, agent, trading company, shipping company, etc to provide good quality products or professional service;

  • fully agree, comply and consistent with our Supplier's Terms & Conditions;

  • willing to provide a range of updated products information, include: images, description, agent prices list, minimum order quantities, monthly products capacity, etc;

Cooperation methods:

  • Appoint Australian Winner International to act as selling agent

  • Commission basis (please provide draft contract)

  • Other methods (please advise)

Operation Procedure:

  • The suppliers sign contract with AWIE, provide updated detail information, include: images, description, agent prices list (advise the normal market selling price), minimum order quantities, monthly products capacity, etc.

  • AWIE promote the products with its own channels, respond the inquires, deal and sign the sales contract with the customers.

  • Order: AWIE place orders on behalf the customers.

  • Shipping: AWIE arrange shipping to the end users, or the supplier may be required to ship the products directly to the customer's warehouse.

Risks: We act as a business partner of both buyers and suppliers, running our  own Risks Management policy to minimise the risks during the business (especially international trade).

To become the supplier to Etradealliance, you shall carefully read and fully agreed our Supplier's Terms & Conditions.

To provide quotation to us, you need to contain/comply with the following information condition:

Detail Remarks (all info must be in English)
Reply ASAP: Usually we require you to provide the quotation within 3 days, or provide your fixed agent price list to us.
Your Details: Provide all your details: Company name, contact name, tel, fax, mobile, email, website, office address, state, post code, country.
Product Name: Common name of the product.
Brand Name: You must legal to sell the products.
Product ID: Product ID is required for each item.
Images: Provide clear resolution (500 x 500 pixels) images, use product ID as the file name of the image.
Origin: Place and Country of origin
Certificate: List the relevant certificates that you may provide, eg, CE certificate, health certificate, etc.
Detail description: Shall include: general function, material, colour, etc.
Specification/grade: Technical data sheet contain specification, grade, etc information must be provided.
FOB/CNF Price: FOB price is required, may advise CNF to main ports of certain countries. Please provide your best price as the quotation would provide to more than one customers or posted on request.
Port of loading/destination: Should advise port of loading/destination port.
Payment Terms: We pay irrevocable L/C.
MOQ: Minimum Order Quantity, eg, units, cartons, container.
Loading Quantity: Loading quantities for LCL, 20, 40GP or 40HQ container.
Supply Ability: The total current available quantity, and your production capacity (eg, quantity per day/week/month).
Packaging: Qty/pack, box, carton, outer carton.
Volume: Provide volume for each unit, pack, carton, outer carton, pallet, etc.
Weight: Provide weight for each unit, pack, carton, outer carton, pallet, etc.
Lead Time: How may days the products could be ready after the order confirmed?
Inspection: We require you to arrange SGS or SUCOFINDO inspection service on weight and quality at loading port at seller's cost before shipping, advise the days required and costs occurred.
Valid date: Quotation valid period.
Other Information:
  • Copies of bill of lading for your previous shipment
  • your company registration, mining and forest licence or any documents you obtained when you set up your company.